This video,, can also be seen at the buttons look different in Excel and Word. Click to view. blank cells, your cursor is located at A1, and you select End-Right Arrow, the cursor moves to column XFD, row 1. (Note: End-Down.Excel makes it easy to comb through your entire data set and sort everything into a clean and easy to read spreadsheet. Here’s how you do it: Highlight the entire data set you want to sort (not just.i want the "IF" statement to leave a cell blank if the referenced cell is blank. But, if the referenced cell contains a numeric value, then I want the new location to perform an operation based on the referenced value. For example, =IF(G186=0,,(G186+2)) works most of the the time but I really want =IF(G186=blank,,(G186+2)), so that if G186 was blank nothing would happen.How to not calculate (ignore formula) if cell is blank in Excel? Let’s say we have a roll of students with their birthdays in Excel, and we are required to calculate students’ age. Normally we can apply the formula of =(TODAY()-B2)/365.25 to figure out the ages.10 Answers. UPDATE There is a caveat to this that I didn’t expect, but numerical values that are zero or below are not greater than a blank string, so if you’re dealing with numbers that can be zero or negative than DO NOT DO THIS, it bit me very recently and was very difficult to debug :(.How to keep cell blank when applying formula until data entered in Excel?. in an excel formula, does not keep the cell blank. It simply enters a blank string which simply is not visible. Blank string makes the cell non-empty and that particular cell is no longer blank. If the cell is checked.What’s the difference between a table and a range in an Excel spreadsheet? There’s not much difference regarding the data. of blue on every other row for an easy “at a glance” view of your data. JD.How to enter/display text or message if cells are blank in Excel? Sometimes, there are some blank cells in your worksheet. You may want to indicate yourself or readers of these blank cells with displaying text or messages in them. It’s easy to find one blank cell and enter displaying text into it, but what if multiple blank cells?